Power Up Grill was founded in 2013 with one basic premise: to create an option for our customers to have custom, fitness-friendly meals available in a convenient and cost-effective manner. We know that success in achieving body fat loss, improved body composition, or improved health are directly related to one’s diet. In today’s world with people constantly on the go, we also realize that many are left with very few healthy options. Our goal is to directly impact people’s lives in a positive manner and help them achieve their fitness and health goals without also having to spend all of their spare time preparing meals at home.


Our mission at PowerUp Grill is to be the region’s premiere provider of high quality, healthy, and fitness-friendly meals.


Taylor Stillpass, co-owner, has been working in the fitness industry for 15 years. With a degree in exercise physiology from Marshall and a passion for fitness nutrition, Taylor has built a solid reputation for helping clients achieve results both in health and in fitness. He genuinely cares about not only the success of his clients, but also their health and wellness. In the ever-changing and evolving world of exercise and fitness nutrition, Taylor remains committed to giving his clients the most up-to-date advice on exercise, nutrition, and supplementation. Taylor can be contacted directly at 304-617-8260


The ultimate solution for weight loss, improved body composition and better health and wellness.

Customized Meal Plans - Power Up Sports and Wellness
Customized Meal Plans - Power Up Sports and Wellness
Customized Meal Plans - Power Up Sports and Wellness


Customized Meal Plans - Power Up Sports and Wellness

What is a custom meal plan from the Power Up Grill?

We are often asked, what exactly is a meal plan? The answer is that no two meal plans are exactly the same. Each person has different taste preferences and/or fitness goals and the customized meal plan reflects that. Whether it is a daily mid-morning snack and a lunch or a dinner for those who don’t always have time to cook, Power Up Grill can help you fill in the gaps in your nutrition plan. For those who want full service from breakfast all the way through dinner to ensure that every calorie and macronutrient is accounted for, we can offer that too!

Customized Meal Plans - Power Up Sports and Wellness

Who can benefit from a meal plan?

The short answer is that anyone can benefit from a meal plan from Power Up Grill. How many times have you heard the phrase, “fitness or weight loss is 70% diet” or “You are what you eat” or some variation of that theme? Although the exact percentage of nutrition’s role can be debated, it is undeniable that it is a key factor. Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle, improve stamina/ endurance, well-being, etc., it all begins with a sound nutrition plan.

Customized Meal Plans - Power Up Sports and Wellness

How can I start? How do they work?

An individual interested in a customized meal plan can start by contacting us directly at 304-397-6174 or sending us an email at Although we can accommodate different schedules (within reason), we normally make 2 days at a time for our customers. We have found this to be the best mix of freshness and convenience. Meals can be picked up daily from our Hurricane location and twice weekly from our Absolute Fitness of Barboursville location. (Absolute Fitness customers should note that our current delivery schedule is Sunday and Wednesday evenings. Meals can be picked up any time after that during Absolute’s hours of operation).

Customized Meal Plans - Power Up Sports and Wellness

What should I order?

Our menu contains most of the common foods used in fitness industry-style nutrition plans. Our 3 ounce portions are typically ordered by women and the 6 ounce portions by men. Carbs and fats can be adjusted depending upon your needs. We can help create a customized plan for you. We can also work with your trainer, dietician, or doctor to create a customized plan that suites your needs.

Items from our regular menu can be ordered in addition to the options listed here*. Customers who qualify for meal plan discounts will also receive a 10% discount on any regular menu option.

Nutritional Data

Item/Portion3oz Salmon6oz Salmon3oz Flank Steak3oz Flank Steak
Item/Portion3oz Chicken6oz Chicken3oz 90/10 Ground Beef6oz 90/10 Ground Beef4oz Tilapia6oz Tilapia
Item/Portion3oz Sweet Potato4oz Sweet Potato3oz Mashed Sweet Potato4oz Mashed Sweet Potato
Item/Portion3oz White Rice4oz White Rice3oz Brown Rice4oz Brown Rice3oz Roasted Potatoes4oz Roasted Potatoes
Item/Portion3oz Green Beans3oz Broccoli3oz Asparagus
Item/Portion3oz Shrimp6oz Shrimp


*Side Prices reflected assume the side will be added to a meal. If ordered separately, $0.30 will be added to cover the cost of the additional containers. All prices shown are prior to state sales tax.

**Customers become eligible for meal plan pricing by committing to ordering 10 or more meals per week from the Power Up Grill.

***Substitute any vegetable with sautéed spinach or roasted zucchini medley for an additional $1.15.

3oz Chicken, 3oz Vegetable$5.19
3oz Chicken, 3oz Carbs, 3oz Vegetables$6.39
6oz Chicken, 3oz Vegetables$7.15
6oz Chicken, 4oz Carbs, 3oz Vegetables$5.19
3oz 90/10, 3oz Vegetables$5.19
3oz 90/10, 3oz Carbs, 3oz Vegetables$6.39
6oz Salmon, 3oz Vegetables$7.15
6oz 90/10, 4oz Carbs, 3oz Vegetables$8.75
3oz Salmon, 3oz Vegetables$7.65
3oz Salmon, 3oz Carbs, 3oz Vegetables$8.79
6oz Salmon, 3oz Vegetables$11.89
6oz Salmon, 4oz Carbs, 3oz Vegetables$13.49
3oz Tilapia, 3oz Vegetables$6.55
3oz Tilapia, 3oz Carbs, 3oz Vegetables$7.79
6oz Tilapia, 3oz Vegetables$8.99
6oz Tilapia, 4oz Carbs, 3oz Vegetables$10.75
3oz Flank, 3oz Vegetables$7.55
3oz Flank, 3oz Carbs, 3oz Vegetables$8.69
6oz Flank, 3oz Vegetables$10.89
6oz Flank, 4oz Carbs, 3oz Vegetables$12.65
4oz Carbs$1.49
3oz Vegetables$1.59

Breakfast options are also available. Check with us for availability, nutrition and pricing.

Customized Meal Plans - Power Up Sports and Wellness

“I have used the Power Up Grill to make amazing changes to my body. In only 3 months, I was able to drop over 40 lbs, lower my blood pressure and now I’m in better shape than I have been since I was in my 20’s. Running a business, raising a family and other obligations left little time to concentrate on my own health. I decided to try eating my meals from the Power Up Grill and without making any other changes in my lifestyle, I have completely transformed my body. Thank you Power Up Grill for doing what you guys do!”


Customized Meal Plans - Power Up Sports and Wellness

“My name is Tom Lyons and the Power Up Grill has helped me make some huge changes in in 2016! I am 45-year-old veteran and Purple Heart recipient. I started the year overweight, had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and a number of other issues relating to my time at war. My doctor told me that I better make changes or I would be at risk for an early death. This was around the same time that my brother died and my father had a stroke and I had to take over the family business. I came to Taylor, he created a custom meal plan for me that worked around my breakfast and dinner with my family. Power Up Grill provides me with all of my other meals. That was 4 months ago. Since then, I have los over 60 lbs, over 12 inches on my midsection and am currently off all of my blood pressure and cholesterol medication. My doctor is amazed, my wife is relieved and now I have the energy to be active with my son and have created a great balance between work and family. I cannot say enough for the folks at the Power Up Grill. I truly believe what they do has saved my life.”


Customized Meal Plans - Power Up Sports and Wellness

“In 6 months I am down 40 pounds and have lost 15 inches in my waist. I feel better at 40 then I did at 30 and it’s thanks to the Power Up Grill”


Customized Meal Plans - Power Up Sports and Wellness

“As one of two main hospitalists at CAMC Teays Valley, I see first hand the grave consequences that poor diet and inactivity can have on one’s health. I can also relate to how a busy schedule can make it difficult to make the right food choices. Between the hours that I am at the hospital, the hours on call, and the responsibility of being a mother, taking the time to go to the store and making all of my meals often-times can be overwhelming. The Power Up Grill has been the perfect solution for me. I just 2 months of following a customized meal plan. I have lost 12 pounds and several inches from my hips and mid-section. I highly recommend the Power Up Grill to anyone who wants to lose weight healthfully and in the process improve their health and wellness.”



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