Power Up Sports and Wellness was founded in 2008 as a personal training studio.  Since then it has expanded into a full membership facility that offers memberships, exercise classes, locker rooms with saunas, personal training, spa services, extensive cardio equipment, a walking track, fitness-friendly restaurant, and the best gym for results in the area.

We are locally owned and operated health club.  Power Up stands apart from other gyms in the area for many reasons, but mainly because of the owners’ passion for fitness.  While much of the competition is corporately-owned, Power Up’s owners live the lifestyle and are available as a resource to members every day of the week.

Taylor Stillpass, Co-Owner

Taylor Stillpass, exercise physiologist and head personal trainer, has been working in the fitness industry for 15 years.  With a degree in exercise physiology from Marshall and a passion for fitness nutrition, Taylor has built a solid reputation for helping clients achieve results both in health and in fitness.  He genuinely cares about not only the success of his clients but also their health and wellness.  In the ever-changing and evolving world of exercise and fitness nutrition, Taylor remains committed to giving his clients the most up-to-date advice on exercise, nutrition, and supplementation.

Joanie Coley, Co-Owner

Joanie Coley is both a licensed aesthetician and a certified personal trainer.  She loves working with people of all walks of life looking to improve.  In her role as an aesthetician, Joanie can do a number of different treatments to improve skin elasticity, tone, reduce or eliminate blemishes and provide a more youthful look overall.  As a trainer, Joanie has experience working with many individuals, many of whom have never worked out before.  She is very patient, caring and follows through to make sure her clients are successful in achieving their health, fitness, and wellness goals.


The staff at Power Up Sports and Wellness is a collection of many of the area’s finest!  Our instructors stand above the rest in their respective classes and expertise levels.  They are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure members get the most from their classes.  The nursery staff is also top-notch.  Parents can rest assure that their kids are in caring and responsible hands during their workout time here at Power Up.  From our restaurant staff, trainers, instructors and everyone else, Power Up is confident that we provide the best customer service of any health club in the area.

Mission Statement

Power Up Sports and Wellness seeks to be the highest quality health club in Putnam County.  It is our mission to provide a wide range of outstanding services for people of all backgrounds, ages, and fitness levels that are enjoyable while also providing desired results in health, wellness, and fitness.

“Excellent staff! Old school gym feel, definite plus if you’re looking for the “no so box “ type of gym environment. They also did my meal prep for two days while I was out of town. It was done timely, fairly priced and amazing!”


“Best place I’ve ever been to hands down. Nobody is more knowledgeable or will treat you better. They see you as more than just somebody else paying a membership.”


“Awesome set of free weights, machines, and cardio equipment. It has a squat rack and a deadlift platform perfect for big heavy movement exercises.