Slimline Weight Loss Pod


The slimline features all the health benefits of far infrared including metabolic boost, detoxification, & decrease in blood pressure,but also offers near infrared & yellow light. This feature not only penetrates deeper into the joints & connective tissue to take down inflammation & foster wound healing, but also boosts collagen in the skin. Soothing vibration massages the body& boosts circulation.Great to lose weight, ease achy muscles/joints, or just to reward yourself & relax!


Pricing Member Non-Member
20-40 min. $35/session $40/session
*Price shown does not include tax


Add custom facial mask upgrade for increased skin rejuvenation ($12 member/$15 nonmember)

Additional Pricing Options

Member Non-Member
Single session $35 $40
3 sessions $90 $105
5 sessions $125 $150